Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Options for Publishing

Hi everyone!

I thought I would make a post about publishing. I don't know everything there is to know, but I have done some research. I thought you guys could also contribute your own research as well.

So, if you wanted to get something published, how would you go about doing it? Here's a few places I looked up: first here's a link to the top fifty literary magazines where you can submit your work.

Here's another link with some interesting magazines, a few of which are also listed in the previous link: click here.

And I don't know if this is already listed, but my dad is a fan of Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, and I've read their stuff and really liked it. Here's a link: Analog Submission Guidelines. Most magazines have submission guidelines for what they're looking for, and some even have pretty good advice.

You can post your own research on getting published here, or you can just react to what I provided. Of course, since we're students, I think it's important to submit to the magazines on campus, but we should definitely keep this stuff in mind.


  1. Unrelated to my topic, but someone said they were going to make a post about recommending books, yes? Please make it. I didn't want to steal your idea.

  2. I also want to remind everyone to submit to CSW! Brittany, if you see this, I read your play and I definitely think you should submit it. It might be a bit over their length requirements, but I would submit it anyway. They get very few script submissions and you have a good chance of being published.

    And Melissa, I enjoyed reading your "Squirrel" story! It was cute and funny. :) I loved your visuals that you included in it, but if you submitted to CSW, I'm not sure if they would want to include those in the magazine. You could include them anyway, of course.

    I haven't read any other creative projects yet, but I think you should all submit to CSW. They accept a lot more than just writing, but other mediums such as short film and art as well, so you should all consider it.


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