Saturday, October 5, 2013

Art Show at Law School Forum - Oct 4

Yesterday afternoon my brother and I had the chance to go the art show/author signing at the UNM law school. I had an incredible time while I was there to say the least! First impressions: I was surrounded by a lot of old people discussing trivial old-people-matters over a cup of wine. The food was free and delicious. Anne Hillerman was also selling and signing books! The photographs on sale were expensive but breathtaking. The music being played by musician Johnny Alston was very relevant to the event and he played very well. About half an hour or so into the event (which allowed for mingling, eating, etc), I was incredibly humbled and had second thoughts of exactly what kind of event I had attended!

The event had taken the efforts of many people to plan, schedule, organize, and promote. There were judges that attended the event. The beautiful photographs were taken by Don Strel. Don's photographs were inspired by the very works of Tony Hillerman, and he was very touched by the fact that in the 65 years he had been a photographer, this was his first art show. Personally, it was a very touching moment, he thanked those closest to him and those he loved on the verge of tears. I later met him, and complimented his work! Tony Hillerman's wife was also present, as well as their daughter Anne Hillerman, author of Spider Woman's Daughter, who I also got to meet. I told her I was in Dr. Donovan's Meet the Authors class, and her eyes kind of lit up when I told her that. She said she was looking forward to going and talking to us. She also admitted that she looked at the list of all the writers that had and will present before her and that she was a bit nervous about it - "what did [we] think of them?". I told her everyone had been fantastic so far, and she had nothing to worry about, our class doesn't bite!

Overall, that was my experience at this show. I had a good time, and realized that I was not just surrounded by "old people", I was surrounded by art fans, judges, law students, lawyers, authors, critics, artists, etc. I realized that there was more there than met my eyes. I also realized that so many people there had devoted themselves to the beautiful state they lived in, as well as the works of Tony Hillerman. (While I was standing in line waiting to meet Anne, the woman in front of me enthusiastically greeted me and told me right off the bat that she had read "ALL of Tony's works - isn't he just incredible?!"). I'm very glad I went and met one of our authors in her element before she comes to inspire us in class!

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