Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Oracle

As we all know, the short story the Oracle in X&O is about a women seeking advice. While I was reading this story I began to wonder what I would ask of the oracle. So, I wanted to see what some of you would like to ask the oracle? Or if that is too personal, who do you think needs advice from the oracle in our world now? I can think of many people, starting with every member of Congress!

If I had the opportunity to consult with the oracle, I would want advice on how to live my life for the good of everyone around me. I think the American society has taught us to be individualistic and look out for our own well-being. I don't really feel a sense of community because this idea of "It's your American dream, what are you going to do to achieve it?" prevents that. Or maybe that is just my perception of the American culture since I wasn't born here, but yet have grown up here. What do you guys think?

The person I would like to see go to the oracle, if that was possible, would be John Boehner. As the leader of the House of Representatives, he needs to know how to lead a divided Congress.

I know this is all wishful thinking, but is there anyone you think needs advice from the oracle?

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  1. While I would answer your question regarding "The Oracle", I'd like to answer your question in a more personal manner, which is - God. I am a practicing Catholic, and the start and end of every day that passes is started and ended with prayer. In prayer, I place myself in the presence of the Lord and thank him for everything and everyone, I give Him my intentions, and ask Him to help those around me with school, work, relationships, financial situations, etc. I also pray for our leaders, our government, our president, and everyone else that needs prayers. I also pray for humility on my part, since it's very easy to forget about everyone else and wish good things only on you. My job is to give of myself to others so that they can lead the best lives they can, and through them, I learn about myself as well. What's beautiful is that, while some of my prayers are not always answered, others are, and I can see that! And maybe some things don't happen right when I want them to, but in the end, things seem to work out. That's just my personal response to this question. God knows, if I went to the "Oracle", I'd ask her to make me rich and a total chick-magnet (which don't really matter in this physical life!)


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