Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Difference between Poets

I was wondering what you all thought about the general way poetry was "performed" for us between VB Price and Margaret Randall. Personally, I enjoyed Price's performance more because he gave the words he spoke a bit more character, but Randall's was enjoyable as well because her poems were mostly memories so they were more "personal to the mind". What do you guys think? Who did you like more, if anyone?


  1. I enjoyed Price's reading of his poems more than Margaret Randall's, but I really liked that she read for us, too. I also liked her poems better because they were memories. I was really interested in everything in her book, and I just loved it. I am very likely to reread her book later. Maybe I will reread the Chaco Trilogy once I visit Chaco Canyon again. (I really want to visit again, now! It seems like it keeps coming up this semester for me. We got a picture of Chaco Canyon submitted to Best Student Essays that we are going to use as the back cover.)

    But if Price were to release an audio version of his poems, with him reading them, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I think he is an excellent reader. He has a really nice voice.

  2. Personally in terms of Margret's poems I felt like they were closer to home for me since I have been in Albuquerque for so many years. While Chaco Canyon felt more alien since I have never been there. I could relate to her poems easily and it was a great experience, the short essays were also great and I felt that I learned many things about Albuquerque that I had never head about before, for example the female astronauts.

    I felt that Price's poems on the other hand touched my heart without me quite knowing how. His voice especially, he has a wonderful voice and I felt that it gave me so much peace. Honestly after finding out that he works at UNM I seriously considered going to his office hours just to ask him to read me some of his poems. Like Anna said if he released an audio form I would probably be one of the first people to buy it. If I were to choose a poet that I liked more I would honestly have to choose price just because of how his poems touched my heart.

  3. I agree with you guys completely. I do like Margaret Randall’s poems, because they remind me of home. Even stuff I didn’t know about Albuquerque made me feel much closer to its history. However, there is something about Price’s poems when he performs them that make you feel enchanted by this place called Chaco Canyon. Even though I have never been there I still want to go and read his poems again. Even some of the places that Margaret Randall mentioned I want to go visit, because I want to know about those places that someone took the time to write about and that are a part of Albuquerque’s history.


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