Monday, November 25, 2013

Author Photo - Roger Zelazny

Last week we did in class exercises to do with images and portrayals of authors and their works. At the end of the page, we were asked to post a picture of an author the class has not worked with this semester. I choose Roger Zelazny. I did my research paper on him and so I feel like I have gotten to know him a bit. Here is a picture of him:

I find this picture even more interesting after our discussion in class. His pose, leaning against a wall and hand in his pocket, makes him seem very confident and sure with himself. From researching him however, I think he was less confident than he looks. you can almost see this in his face. he looks a little bit uncomfortable. Also the background is Adobe, and his shirt and belt are a little southwestern, implying he was from the southwest, which is actually sort of not true. He moved to Sane Fe much later in life. I also think he looks a bit informal, which we mentioned was a commonality in the photos of males we saw. Do you guys see anything I missed?

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  1. I think you pretty much covered everything I saw, Melissa! I thought it would be interesting to look at some other authors since you brought up Zelazny. I know that, for example, Neil Gaiman has sort of marketed his look as the disheveled but brilliant writer. More than that, a character from his earlier graphic novel work looks an awful lot like him. This sort of adds to the image he wants as a writer, I think.

    I wonder if it's boosted his sales with new readers to make this image, or if it just helps solidify a fan base?


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