Monday, November 25, 2013

"The Big Wink" Steve Brewer, Marketing Writing

The Big Wink 

In Steve Brewer's "The Big Wink" the cover photo is a leaf of marijuana in a glass jar.
The picture depicted on the front cover of the book does not give away the entire story however it gives the reader some insight by first glance. The story is about the medical marijuana debate and the two main character's experiences running from the law.

The use of marketing of this is that the reader at first glance will know vaguely what the story will be focused on. However, from the cover personally I would not have known that this was a mystery novel. The only reason I would have assumed that it would have been a mystery novel is because we have read Steve Brewer's "Box of Pandoras." What do you all think? Could there have been a better cover for Steve Brewer's "The Big Wink"?

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  1. I think it's much more difficult to get good book cover designs with the kind of publishing Steve prefers; there aren't publishers with a list as long as their arm of available illustrators. But I definitely think you're right, that's little by way of "mystery genre" on this cover. I'm sure it would be easier to come up with a cover if I'd read the book and had an idea of what the characters were doing. But maybe one suggestion would be to use a cityscape with the marijuana leaves in the center, a little like "Spider Woman's Daughter"?

    Do you guys think that this book has sold very well compared to his other novels?


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