Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Introduction Exercise

A. Words:

Chad, Hamburger, The Library, Run, Swim

B. Write:

            Chad was on his way to the library on a hot New Mexico afternoon after class. But while running to the library he had a sudden craving for a hamburger. However, Chad then realized that he would have to swim across the Rio Grande in order to get to the taco stand which sold hamburgers. Chad was so hungry that he was completely willing. So Chad then leapt into the Rio Grande and swam like Michael Phelps. He soon had a hamburger in hand and was pleasantly satisfied. The satisfaction didn't last long. He needed to find the perfect hamburger, but he knew he couldn't find it in New Mexico. So he swam across the ocean to Hamburg, Germany, where he found the perfect burger. 

While writing this exercise I found it helpful that I was given five words that I had to piece together. If I had not been given those words and I was told to write a short story then I would not have known where to start. One thing that I found limiting was the fact that it was only supposed to be one paragraph and relating to New Mexico. Even with these restraints I felt that our creativity ran rampant in the streets. While writing, I simply wrote the quickest thing that came to mind. I decided to learn more towards a tone of humor because I felt that in a story this short I couldn't breach deeper feelings such as loss or love. Some people are capable of that in such a short space but I don't have enough confidence in my skill. In the end I found the product enjoyable and I was pleased.

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