Thursday, August 22, 2013

Response to group writing

A gray car was heading down Girard, alongside UNM. The driver of this car, an old 1989 Mercedes, was drunk and angry, and he had decided to visit his ex-girlfriend. However, a black cat ran in front of his car before he could whip around the corner to her street. He slammed into a telephone pole, and the cat walked off as if nothing unusual had happened. //// “That’s just my luck, damn!” the man said with one of his final breaths. Quite ironically enough, the untouched cat is grooming itself right outside my passenger door. “Oh the things that happen when you’re drunk.” Guess I should have watched the DWI commercials.

The five words I was given were “car,” “pole,” “cat,” “run,” and “drive.” I immediately pictured a car swerving into a pole to avoid a cat, and decided to put it in the neighborhood next to UNM in order to incorporate New Mexico. The writers after me decided to let the man die from his accident, and add another New Mexican element in the form of those DWI commercials everybody sees. They also switched mid-way through from my original third-person perspective to first-person, but this may have been accidental. The authors also made it a bit difficult to continue this story any further, since the now first-person character is apparently using up his last breaths. I have done informal games similar to this exercise, where one person says a word, another person says the next word, and so on until a story forms.

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