Thursday, August 22, 2013

Introductory Exercise

A. Words

Family, Mexico, Camera, Betrayed, Running

B. Write

The family was supposed to come visit us tonight. They said they left Mexico about six hours ago so they should be here by now. I hope they come soon so we can put this whole family feud behind us. My tío felt betrayed the last time he came to visit us, but he said he would put that aside so we put the past behind us. I stared blankly out the window and was bored of the scenery. I looked over at my desk with my camera on it. I was running low on film and needed to get more. I got up from my chair and started to look at the pics I had taken about New Mexico and my family. The family fishing at Red River, sledding down Taos and the cabins we stayed at in Ruidoso. I hope we can bring the family back together.

C. Revise

But it was not to be. Last night the knock on our door did not present tío, but a police officer with no glad tidings to give. Tío was gone; a drunk driver had taken him out at the top of the road.

I’m glad I was given the five words. It gave me a place to start and I was able to picture a story in my mind. I usually have a hard time starting a story if I don’t have a starting point or direction. As I started writing I was trying to form the story in my head and where it was going to go. I don’t focus too much on the present time frame of the story just how it is going to end. I’m so focused on getting toward the ending that I rush through the part I’m working on. I was also focused on forming my story that I forgot the other requirement for the exercise which is to include New Mexico. All I need is a starting point but when I have to add something to structure the story I have a hard time with that.     

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