Monday, September 23, 2013

Creative Process -- Where You Go For Advice

I wanted to post this in part because we'll be bringing in articles about the creative process for tomorrow's class, and partly because I always want to know where artists get help from. I'm talking about writing mostly, but if anyone participates in other artistic forms, I'd be curious to hear about that as well.

For the past year or so, I've gone to Chuck Wendig's rather irreverent but very poignant blog for advice on everything from world-building to editing (trigger warning for language). Many of us have probably read Stephen King's "On Writing," or have other books collected over the few years that include prompts, breakdowns of story structure, and ways to create more dramatic conflict. I also get great advice from the kind of fiction I want to read. For writing action or suspense, I turn to Preston & Child's "Pendergast" series, but for flowery language, I often end up rereading Neil Gaiman.

So where do you guys get your advice and inspiration? If you need to write a suspenseful or romantic scene, what helps you get it right? Maybe post links to your articles from class?

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  1. Personally I use King’s On Writing, Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, and various other crafts of writing books. Then when I am writing a particular genre, I try to only read that genre for the time, so that my mind is already thinking of that style. That being said, I love to cross genre, so sometimes I will read another genre on purpose to see what elements I can pull into the current genre I am reading. I also love reading various authors blogs/websites.


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