Sunday, September 1, 2013

Favorite Places to Read

If you are in this class, you probably like to read. I personally love to read, especially fiction. In college we have to read pages and pages from our textbooks, which can be quite boring. Therefore, I was wondering if you guys have favorite spots to read at?

I am somewhat of an outdoors person ( if mosquitoes aren't around) and prefer to read outside. We have a beautiful tree outside of our house with these tiny pink flowers that only bloom three months out of the year. They also give this sweet smell of roses and I love to sit under there and read books. I would prefer to go down to the Rio Grande and listen to the birds chirp as I read. That is not always possible since I live far from the Rio but whenever given the chance to go down there, a book is always my fellow companion.

Also, do you guys prefer to read paperback books, or do some of you prefer technology, such as eBooks or tablets? I personally love holding a book in my hand and using a bookmark to see how I've advanced in my reading. Any thoughts on which method of reading is better?


  1. I also love to read outside, since I'm more likely to fall asleep if I'm inside. I think I even have the same kind of tree in my backyard, with the pink blossoms in the summer. It's always very quiet and peaceful sitting in the shade, and I get most of my reading done out there. I'm also likely to read on the bus to and from school, but that's out of necessity, not preference.
    I have a Nook, which is good for long (heavy) books and reading at night. However, I do prefer a real book that I can put a bookmark in and never have to worry about recharging. There's just something very satisfying about turning the final page and then the cover over when you finish it.

  2. I'd love to be able to get into the habit of reading a good book outside, with a cup of coffee, under a tree, but I've only done that a few times unfortunately. For me, the spot where I find myself the most is in my living room, on a small couch with a footrest, right next to one of the windows. It's perfect because the sun never directly hits it, but a good amount of light comes through it, perfect for viewing the page, not be blinded, and feel the breeze right next to your ear. This spot, plus a cup of coffee or strong tea, and maybe even a snack is perfect for me.
    I don't own a tablet or iPad of any kind to read on, and I'd like to keep it that way. I love to hold the book I'm reading, see where I am from the end, and physically enjoy it. It's just one of those small things you simply can't do with a tablet. It's just like music. Everyone's been coming out with these virtual instruments you can play with your phone and tablets, etc etc, which must be nice and all, but wouldn't you rather actually feel and experience that through your hands and not some device? It's important for me to remember that while the technology is out there to do everything and anything on a device, one should treasure the "old-school" methods, because everything changes and transforms so rapidly. At this rate, our generation might not have a book to hold in 20 or 30 years, we'll have to see...

  3. I really enjoy reading outside with a cool breeze in the shade. I also like to read in my room, on my bed. That way I can lay down or have back support against the wall. That’s the main place I read, because it is quiet and comfortable.

    I like to read paperbacks. I want something to hold in my hands. I only like eBooks because you don’t have to carry them around and can access them from any working internet source, but I usually like to buy my textbooks as hardcopies. I actually heard in my marketing class that bookstores are not doing so good, because they are trying to convert to eBooks, but they are finding out that most people would rather have the hardcopy versions.

  4. Oh man, places I like to read... there are so many. The best place for me to read is during transit, like trains, airplanes or car rides. But because I don't often get that chance, I instead like to read in bed for a few minutes before going to sleep. It relaxes me and removes me from the stress of the day. I can't read thrillers or suspense novels obviously, but a Terry Pratchett or something can really do the trick.

    As far as type of reading I enjoy, I like both paperback and ebook. Because I live in the dorms, I don't have a lot of space for all the books I want to own. But I don't mind reading an ebook. Personally, I don't care how someone reads as long as they're doing it.

    1. Yes, I agree with your last sentence. I've actually run into a few people who seem to think they are somehow better because they read physical books. Who cares, as long as people are reading? :)

  5. I don't have a favorite place to read. I don't think I've ever read outside. I am sure I would get sunburned if I did. I used to ride the bus a lot, and so I would read on the bus. Now I drive myself to school. I keep reminding myself to go to the library and check out some audiobooks to listen to while I drive, but I haven't done it yet.

    Mostly I read in my room. I'm pretty busy these days, so I read before I go to sleep. I like my Kindle for this reason because I can read in the dark.

    I've seen and heard a lot of debates about which are better, printed books or Kindles (or other devices). I like both, and I don't understand when people act like you have to choose between them. I still use both. I love going to the book store, and I love the smell and feel of printed books. But I also love the way my Kindle is easy and convenient to use, and it has a lot of books that I don't have room for. I recently had to get rid of some printed books that were taking up too much space in my room. I don't live in a mansion, unfortunately.

    Also, although I haven't found time to go to the library lately, the Kindle is convenient since I can check out library books on my Kindle. Not many people seem to know that you can do that.

  6. I asked a similar question in class except I asked where everyone like to write. It's interesting that in some cases it is the same and in some cases it is different.

    Personally I have been reading a lot on the bus lately. I moved over the summer and I now have a half hour bus ride to and from school. This is a great time to get in some reading! I also read before I go to bed, but I can't do this if it's something I HAVE to read like a textbook or anything for a class because I might fall asleep before I am done reading. Reading has always been something I do before I go to sleep. If I don't read, I end up laying in bed thinking about eveything under the sun and it takes me hours to fall asleep. I'd rather spend those hours reading and fall asleep dreaming about the fantastical worlds I have just encountered.

    (P.S. my computer decided to commit suicide this weekend so I'm using my phone to type this, so I appologize for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes)


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