Saturday, September 28, 2013


I think when it comes to poetry some people just have a knack for it. They can think in that kind of structure and rules and make it work for them to express their ideas. Writing poetry is hard work and it's hard to make a living off of. I'm currently reading poetry in my Spanish class and some of them I really enjoy and others are not my cup of tea. I now I understand why poets publish a whole book of poems, because if you are a beginning poet you can't just sell one poem but a volume of poems and they have to be good or something that people want to read. I personally like when a poem has a meter and has rhymes and the poem get the theme across. I think that is a great accomplishment and great creativity on the poets part. I admire poets that can do that and take the time to try and follow that structure and not just write in free verse. I'm not saying I don't like free verse, but there is something more to those poems that follow the strict  rules of poetry. What are your opinions if any or the creative process papers we had to read?

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  1. I completely agree with the fact that poetry is a very difficult thing to create. Especially successfully, almost anybody can write a haiku but often times it comes out choppy and illogical. Some people do have a knack for it, but i feel that even that talent begins with many years of practice. Some of the best poets have been writing poetry for years and years. I personally love poetry but it is not something that I am proficient at or talented at. I feel that words are wild beasts and I cannot tame them enough to hold them in pentameter and such. Nonetheless rhyme. I greatly admire any poet.

    I feel that about the creative process poetry is one of the most difficult. There is a lot to any sort of writing but if i were to choose the most difficult and structured type I would have to say poetry or lyric. For any poet they must have amazing organization of their thoughts to be able to portray their feelings in such a efficient and strict format. However I feel that if a person were dedicated to learning how to write poems they would definitely succeed. I feel that some senses of talent are attained, maybe not learned, but with practice, dedication, and an open mind inspiration will strike.


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